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If you have any questions about Rasdhoo Island, you can find all the information you need here: Everything you need to know about travelling to Rasdhoo.

To travel to the Maldives, EU residents only need a passport valid for more than six months and a ticket to leave the country within 30 days of arrival.

Fill out a traveler’s health declaration form (IMUGA). All travelers are required to submit the Traveler’s Declaration within 72 hours prior to the flight, during arrival and departure to and from the Maldives. You will need to upload a photo of yourself and complete the form. If you are vaccinated, you will need to upload proof of full vaccination there. This form generates a QR code that you have to save because you will usually be asked for it when checking in in Spain and then when checking out in the Maldives. You can complete the IMUGA at the airport of arrival, where there is a special queue, but it is better to do it online to avoid wasting time and, in addition, some airlines ask for it when checking in. Here is the link to the form:

Document of the reservation at the accommodation(s) in Maldives (we will have provided it to you).

Yes, but the Maldives travel document is very easy to obtain on arrival in the Maldives. It’s free at Malé International Airport on presentation of your passport, and you can stay for 30 days.

The only vaccination required to enter the Maldivian paradise is yellow fever if you are from or have visited an endemic country.

The recommendations of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are very clear: «It is recommended in all cases to travel with medical insurance that covers repatriation, including the transfer of the body to Spain in the event of death. It should be borne in mind that these situations in the absence of insurance may require a large outlay on the part of the citizen, and that the State is not responsible for these expenses in any case. The Spanish Public Health System does not cover health care in the Maldives. The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in the Maldives. Added to this is the risk of contagion of coronavirus, with all that this implies.

So, our recommendation is to take out at least a basic insurance policy that can cover you in case of need – better safe than sorry! In case it might be of interest to you, here is a link to a good value for money insurance:

With this link you will get a special price for coming from us. Choose the modality that best suits your needs.

The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi. Due to tourism and the limited use of the language in the outside world, the staff at any hotel speak English almost perfectly, but there is little Spanish, but they will always make an effort to make themselves understood.

The official currency in the Republic of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rupee (MVR), better known as Rufiyaa. However, all transactions with tourists are carried out in US dollars or by credit card. However, we advise you to avoid paying by credit card, as there is a high commission fee (min 4%).

So yes, you will need to change your Euros into dollars or Rufiyaas. Once you arrive at Malé airport, you’ll find currency exchange bureau and locals at the arrival desks who will offer to exchange your currency for you. Exchanging dollars at your bank here in Spain can also be a good option.

To give you an idea, here is the approximate exchange rate for the two currencies:

1 euro: $0.97 US dollars

1 euro: 15.42 Rufiyas

The Maldives’ international airport is located on Hulhumalé Island, near Malé, the country’s capital. Once you land there, you’ll take a boat from the airport to Rasdhoo Island by sea.

Two speedboats make the trip every day. The trip takes just over an hour and, as always in this country, depends on the weather and sea conditions.


From the airport to Rasdhoo departures are at 10.30am and 4pm, except on Fridays when the timetable is 9.30am and 4.30pm. Return is every day at 07.00 and 13.00, except on Fridays at 07.00 and 14.30.

If you book one of our Maldives stay packages, you will need to take the following considerations into account when booking your FLIGHTS:

Regarding dates:

  • You must bear in mind that the ARRIVAL flight must land in Malé on the date that the stay you have booked begins. Generally, from Spain, flights leave the day before, but please check.
  • As for the RETURNING flight, it must leave Malé airport on the same day as the end of your cont racted stay.

Regarding thetimetable:

  • For the ARRIVAL flight, make sure that it arrives at Malé at 14:30h at the latest. There are only 2 boats a day that cover the route between Malé and Rasdhoo, and the last one leaves at 16:00h.
  • For the RETURNING flight, bear in mind that the last boat you can take from the island to the airport will leave you there at around 15h. So consider this when choosing a departure time if you don’t want to have a long wait at the airport before your flight.

We are sorry to say NO. In some of the local islands of the Maldives, and Rasdhoo is one of them, there are rules of operation between hotels when dealing with guests. When it comes to the activities that you can do, it is the Hotel or Guest House where you are staying that is in charge of offering its guests these activities. So, you cannot stay in one hotel and do excursions or activities with another (and there are no companies that only do activities).

You should take this into account when choosing accommodation, as it may depend on the completeness of your experience. Some of the accommodations, having few rooms, may offer fewer activities or at higher prices.

No. Diving can be arranged with whoever you want, regardless of where you are staying. We have a Dice Center, Ocean Dive and Watersports, but there are others on the island of Rasdhoo.

Please note:
On the local islands, there are tourist beaches called Bikini Beach, where bikini bathing is allowed (topless is prohibited). Outside these areas, remember to dress soberly and respectfully, not only because it is punishable but also because respecting local customs, culture and religion is preserving the identity of the people. Having tolerance and respect for diversity, beyond our personal opinion, enhances our humanity and is the fuel that motivates our love of travel.

The public holiday is on Friday, as in any Muslim country, and you may find banks and some shops closed, in addition to the obligatory stop at prayer times.

In a country like the Maldives, made up of more than 1000 islands, the star dish can only be fish. Tuna in this case. Add to that the proximity to neighboring India and Sri Lanka, and the result is an exotic cuisine with a spicy flavor and a spicy touch so characteristic of Asia.

The fact that the Maldives is a country made up of small islands greatly limits the country’s cuisine, as it is extremely difficult to work the land. For this reason, the Maldivians have set up a number of islands to act as market gardens and grow some fruit and vegetables. The rest of the products are imported from Asian countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

We also remind you that the Maldives, and the local islands in particular, are subject to Islamic law, so all alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

In the Maldives the plugs have three pins, so you will usually need an adapter to connect electrical appliances. It’s best to buy one before your trip as it will be much cheaper. If you don’t have one with you, you can always get one at the airport or borrow one from your hotel (they usually have adapters).

In the hotel rooms, as well as in the common areas, you have free WI-FI to stay connected from paradise. But if you want to stay in constant communication, acquiring a SIM card is quite simple.

Once you land at Male International Airport, you’ll find only two main carriers in the Maldivian archipelago.

One is Ooredoo and the other is Dhiraagu. Both have fairly similar prices ($15 to $50). You can find them at the end of the corridor on the right hand side of the airport.

  • Medical emergencies: 119.
  • Police: 110.
  • Maldives country code: 960.
  • Spanish Embassy in India (closest to Maldives): +91 11 435 90 04
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