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If you are booking for more than one person, please indicate name, surname, age and passport number. 1 person per line
In case you travel with someone but he/she makes his/her own reservation.




To make your reservation effective, it will be necessary to pay in advance the amount of the reservation by bank transfer to the account number provided by ExperienciaMaldivas in response to the previous form. The rest will be paid directly at the hotel in euros or dollars.


We know that this is the most painful part, we are aware of that. But after living your Maldivian Experience, the price will seem like a joke.

Cancellation policy

One month or more notice, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. Less than one month’s notice, no refund will be made.
If you are unable to travel for any justified reason, if you find another person who wants to travel, you can transfer your reserved place and we will refund the total amount paid.


Price revision
The price of the trip has been calculated on the basis of the exchange rates at the time of the proposal and formalization of the package travel contract, transport rates, supplier rates, fuel costs, taxes and duties applicable on the date of preparation of the aforementioned contract. Any variation in the price of the services included in the trip may give rise to a revision of the final price of the trip, up to 21 days before departure, in the strict amounts of the aforementioned price variations. These modifications will be notified to the client, and when the modification made is greater than 8% of the total price of the trip, the client may either withdraw from the trip without penalty or accept the modification of the contract.

Assistance and cancellation insurance
It is compulsory to have a travel insurance.
The Agency is not responsible for the decisions taken by the insurance company regarding the incidents declared by the traveler and has no responsibility for these decisions. The processing of the claim to the insurance company is to be handled exclusively by the client, the Agency being completely outside this process.

Reduced mobility
The trip is suitable for persons with reduced mobility (a person whose mobility to participate in the trip is reduced for reasons of physical, sensory or locomotor disability, permanent or temporary; intellectual disability or impairment; or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation requires appropriate attention and adaptation to their particular needs of the service made available to other participants).

Obtaining a visa
Approximate time to obtain visa(s): Upon arrival at Malé airport, a tourist visa for a stay of less than 30 days is obtained at customs.
The traveler is provided with information on the situation and requirements of the country/countries for which he/she is travelling in accordance with the information published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ( This information includes health formalities for travel and stay in the country of destination.
We cannot assume any responsibility if entry to the country of destination is refused due to a failure on the part of the client to carry all the necessary documentation.
If this failure results in fines, overpayments or any other penalties, the client will be directly responsible for their payment.

Contact details in case of assistance and non-conformity: in case of any incident during the trip, the traveler must contact EXPERIENCIAMALDIVAS on the mobile phone or by e-mail indicated in the heading.

Lack of conformity: The traveler during the trip must report any lack of conformity in the provision of the services.

Responsibility of the agency
The travel agency is responsible for the correct execution of all travel services included in the contract, in accordance with article 161 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 and is obliged to provide assistance if the traveler gets into difficulties in accordance with article 163.2 of the aforementioned regulation and in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions of the contract.
However, the Agency has a limited liability. The client understands that although the Agency takes every extensive precaution to avoid any undesirable occurrence or mishap, the Agency has no liability whatsoever in case of injury, damage, death or any loss occurring anywhere in the world.

When an accident occurs while using any means of transport included in the trip, regardless of the country where it takes place, the traveler will have to present the pertinent claim against the transport entity in the respective country, in order to safeguard, if necessary, the insurance compensation of the latter, being assisted and advised by the Organizing Agency.

Client’s Responsibility
The client accepts the authority and decisions of the Agency’s employees, agents or guides while on the trip. If in the opinion of any of these, or any other person in a position of authority, the conduct or health of a client during the trip is likely to endanger or threaten to endanger himself or a third party, whether another client of the Agency or any other, or threaten to prejudice the happy and normal conduct of the trip, the client may be expelled from part or all of the trip without any refund or recompense. Should such a case arise, the Agency shall have no further responsibility for this person, including the organization and cost of his or her alleged return journey, or any other costs resulting from this exclusion.

The client must be aware that standards of safety, hygiene and quality are variable depending on the destination, services or transport, and may be lower than those in the client’s country of origin. If any of these services should give rise to a claim or demand and these services comply with local laws and regulations, the services will always be considered correct, whether or not they are in accordance with the laws of the customer’s country of origin.

Disclaimer of responsibility
Consequently, I declare the organization to be free of all responsibility for any event or circumstance that may arise, both during the journey and during the development of this activity, and which may compromise my physical integrity and/or my property.

Complaints after the trip
The traveler may address any complaints to the postal address or e-mail address given in the heading.

Changes to the trip by the Travel Agency
The travel agency may modify the content of the trip detailed in Annex I, for reasons beyond the organization’s control. This modification will be notified to the client in an irrefutable manner. If, once the client has been notified, he/she does not accept the modification within 3 working days following the notification by the travel agency, it is understood that the reservation or contract has been cancelled. Acceptance by the client must be in an irrefutable manner.

Force Majeure
Except where expressly stated in our terms and conditions, we cannot accept any liability, nor pay any compensation or refund, if our obligations under the contract are affected by force majeure, nor if the customer suffers any damage or injury, however serious, or loss of any nature whatsoever under the same force majeure. Force majeure includes any event which we or the service providers could not have avoided, even with all due care and foresight. These events include war or threat of war, riots, civil disorder, terrorist activity, attacks by wild animals, disease, pandemics, natural or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, fires and any other events beyond our control.